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In our initial phase, we shall start with posting monthly legal and regulatory updates on our site.

Our monthly updates will cover: firstly, changes relating to the “regulators” (being the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”)), and secondly, major legislation that affect companies generally. Currently, these include the new Companies Ordinance (and related legislation), competition law, and privacy law.

Our updates are tailored for the use of “governance practitioners” working in listed companies, whose roles involve not only understanding the rules, but in assessing their impact and successfully implementing them within their organizations.

We therefore aim to be:

practical” — by providing succinct summaries of the rules (“what you should know“) and highlighting their potential impact (“what you should do/watch out for“)

accessible” — compliance often goes beyond the law. We also highlight other relevant considerations (e.g. accounting); and use easy-to-follow language generally.

We welcome feedback, and look forward to hearing from you!