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We are a resource platform for “governance practitioners” in HK listed companies -including directors, CFOs/finance professionals, company secretaries/legal counsels, internal auditors, sustainability officers and IR professionals. We provide practical know-how on implementing good governance in your organisations. Since our launch in Dec 2015, we have subscribers from over 250 HK listed companies.



Advisory Panel

We have an advisory panel drawn from a diversity of experience and background comprising of executive as well as independent directors in listed companies, capital markets, accounting, regulatory, sustainability, public affairs and communications, as well as human resources.





Jan 24 Legal Update

HKEX published a report on its review of issuers’ annual reports for 2022 year-end. It followed a “thematic approach” as in the past, selecting a number of specific areas for review. These include financial reporting and controls, material asset impairments (including loan impairments), financial statement disclosure.



[Guide] “Award-winning reports

- the board in action: navigating uncertainties” (Dec. 2023 ed.)

  • HKEX review of corporate governance disclosure
  • Board refreshment/diversity/risk management
  • “Double materiality”: investor-focused reporting
  • “Net zero” journey: what investors like to know
  • HK + international examples