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Board Briefings

“ESG and the board’s roles” is a key focus!
“Annual regulatory update” remains our most popular briefing!
Tailored induction for new directors (particularly non-HK based) on request !

Wendy Yung, our founder, will personally deliver these briefings, and work with you to focus on aspects that meet your company’s needs. Other topics are also available on request. We can also advise you on developing a structured annual directors’ training programme.

  • Board-focused — no legal technicalities! Actionable follow-up steps!
  • Board/management alignment — establish common expectations and actions
  • Tailor-made
  • Quality

  • “The regulatory presentation to our board was of a high professional standard, yet without excessive legal technicalities. We find this approach useful.”

    John Yip, Executive Director, Henderson Land Development Group

    “Our board found the regulatory update briefing helpful. It was practical and interactive.”

    Hamilton Cheng, Executive Director, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group

    I. [UPDATED] Essential ANNUAL regulatory update for directors

  • (Code:20DT1) Practical listed company directors’ duties (Options: for newly listed companies; OR refresher addressing latest case studies)
  • (Code:20DT2) Disclosure of inside information — update and lessons from common pitfalls
  • (Code:20DT3) Practical Practical HKEX/SFC annual regulatory update for directors (Optional special focus: directors’ duties; ESG; enforcement trends; disclosure issues, internal controls etc.)

  • II. [UPDATED] Strategic roles of the board


  • (Code:20DT4) New HKEX ESG Rules and beyond — impact on the board’s roles; best practice sharing; investor trends
  • (Code:20DT5) Getting ready for Annual General Meeting — latest voting trends and your actions
  • (Code:20DT6) Shareholder activism and short-seller attacks in HK — lessons and how to get ready
  • (Code:20DT7) Board evaluation:the best way for you (Various approaches; pros and cons; handling potentially sensitive areas like “peer review”)
  • (Code:20DT8) The Board’s role in corporate culture


  • (Code: 20DT9) *Latest trends in shareholder engagement/Investor relations — and the board’s roles
  • (Code: 20DT10) The board’s roles in internal controls and risk management

  • III. Enhancing corporate governance: trends, best practices, and impact on you

  • (Code: DT2011) CG best practices and inspiration for you (Possible focus: board diversity including the impact of the digital era/ESG, board/management dynamics, board/committee effectiveness)
  • (Code: DT2012) **Latest international CG trends and what investors want (option to combine with face-to-face meeting with a leading institutional investor)
  • (Code: 20DT13) Corporate governance awards in HK (possible focus: entering the right award; OR lessons from best practices)
  • *(subject to schedule) co-presented with subject expert
    **(subject to schedule) option to include co-presentation by a leading institutional investor

    Briefings can be delivered in English, Cantonese, Putonghua. Prices typically around $15k for a one hour briefing, depending on the level of customization and extended duration as requested.

    Enquiries and further discussion:
    Wendy Yung ( /
    Events Team (Eva Ng) (
    T: 25093928

    Our programme in PDF

    Board Evaluation Services

    A Practical and effective Hong Kong Model

    Considering a formal board evaluation process? Want to go beyond your current self-administered questionnaires — bring in external review, for independence, rigorous benchmarking, and facilitation of board discussions on the findings?

    Yet, a “full interview” approach by external advisors seems to be extremely expensive, or not appropriate for this stage?

    We have developed a unique “facilitated questionnaire” approach, a cost-effective solution—with a tailored questionnaire, facilitation of board discussions on the findings


    We are different in these important ways

    • Practical

    — reflect real-life board experience; special features in questionnaires to stimulate your thinking process

    • Tailored

    — in light of your company’s circumstances

    • Relevant

    — beyond box-ticking: we facilitate board discussions on the findings

    • Independence

    — rigorous analysis and benchmarking


    Our expertise: real-life Hong Kong board experience!

    Prior to setting up “Practising Governance” at the end of 2015, Wendy W. Y. Yung was Executive Director and Company Secretary of Hysan Development Company Limited.

    Wendy also has the valuable guidance of Peter W. Greenwood, our Advisory Panel member. Peter was Executive Director-Strategy of CLP Group prior to his retirement.


    Enquiries and further discussions:
    Wendy Yung ( /
    Events Team (Eva Ng) (
    T: 25093928