About Us

We are a resource platform for “governance practitioners” in HK listed companies -including directors, CFOs/finance professionals, company secretaries/legal counsels, internal auditors and IR professionals. We provide practical know-how on implementing good governance in your organisations. Since our launch in Dec 2015, we have around 900 subscribers from over 250 HK listed companies.


Advisory Panel

We have an advisory panel drawn from a diversity of experience and background comprising of executive as well as independent directors in listed companies, capital markets, accounting, regulatory, public affairs and communications, as well as human resources.


Apr 2021 Legal and Regulatory Update

On 16 April, 2021, HKEX published a consultation paper on proposed enhancements to the Corporate Governance Code and Corporate Governance Report. Some proposals also relate to further strengthening the link between corporate governance and ESG. The consultation period will close after 18 June.



“Getting ready for AGM (Jan 2021 ed.)”

For benchmarking: review of Hang Seng Index companies!
Hot trends: virtual/hybrid AGM
Annual review: directors' fee and more


“Award-winning reports – way forward (Dec 2020 ed.)”

A valuable guide where we analyze over 30 award-winning HK and international annual reports, identify key “best practice” features, and provide a range of examples to suit different companies and circumstances!

  • Covid 19 disclosure
  • HKEX ESG revisions: board’s roles
  • Climate change: TCFD- style disclosure
  • HK + international examples