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31 Jul 2018

Hong Kong Economic Times – Corporate Governance Series(經濟日報 企業管治新典範專輯系列)

“Diversity needed for high performing boards”

Wendy Yung interviewed

28 Jul 2018

Hong Kong Economic Journal – finance page (信報財經新聞 財經版)

“Independent directors need to explain sitting on more than 6 boards”

Wendy Yung interviewed

13 Dec 2016

Hong Kong Investment Funds Association Annual Conference

“Fiduciary duties of fund managers as investors–a critical review of the corporate governance culture of the listed companies in HK and the role of fund managers in enhancing the corporate governance standards”

Wendy Yung – Panelist (representing HKICPA)

10 Dec 2016

Hong Kong Economic Journal – column (信報財經新聞 經管智慧 經管錦言)

“Fast developing trend of Shareholder Activism?”

(Article in Chinese on Nov 16 event – “Shareholder Activism”)

30 Nov 2016

Apple Daily – Finance (蘋果日報 財經地產)

“Experts shared experience on how to handle Shareholder Activism”

(Article in Chinese on Nov 16 event – “Shareholder Activism”)

8 Nov 2016

The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries

「中國境外上市公司企業規管高級研修班 – 國際公司治理新發展」

(Training for Mainland Board Secretaries — “Corporate Governance: latest international trends”)

Wendy Yung – Speaker

1 Sept 2016

IR Magazine

“ESG boost for Hong Kong”

Wendy Yung interviewed